Last Updated: August 1, 2019

ARTIST USERS: Tip Bucket is a free application to install. Tip Bucket will retain 15% of all gross revenue generated by the application. This includes, but is not limited to; tips, song requests, sing with the band requests, merchandise purchases, ticket purchases, and other features which may be added from time to time. Net proceeds shall be calculated as any revenue received by the application after any charges for bank, credit card, payment app, or other third-party charges have been paid or withheld. Payments will be posted to Artist Tip Bucket accounts immediately upon settlement by the corresponding payment service. Disbursements from the Tip Bucket account to the Artist account owner can be made at any time for all settled transactions. In the event of a payment dispute from the customer, Tip Bucket will hold these funds as unprocessed until resolved with the credit card company or third-party processor. If a payment that has been previously disbursed to the Artist becomes disputed, Artist will be responsible for reimbursement to Tip Bucket. Tip Bucket may, at its discretion, hold future payments as reimbursement for disputed transactions up to but not exceeding the disputed amount. Artists at their discretion will set their fees for merchandise, song requests, and sing with band options.

 FAN USERS: Tip Bucket is a free application to install and use to find live music. Fan users have the option to tip the artists, make song requests, sing with the band and/or purchase merchandise from the artists. The amount of the tips is at the sole discretion of the fan user. Artists set the price for song requests, merchandise, and sing with band. Fan user is not obligated to pay for such fees and are optional.