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ISA Applications develops mobile applications on iOS/ Android platforms and full applications on ISA Applications has developed customized applications for industries and areas in Quality Assurance & Control, Sales, Inventory, Project Management, Entertainment, Maintenance, Standard Operating Procedures, Processing, Laboratory, Scientific Procedures, and Medical. ISA Applications understands the need of customized application solutions and offers their clients excellent service at affordable prices. ISA Applications provides 24/7 support.

MooMoo Arcade

MooMoo Arcade is a virtual arcade where users can win real prizes! The claw machines, key master and stacker have different prizes that a user can win directly. Alternatively, the user has the opportunity to win tickets on a ticket claw machine, ball drop and the big wheel. User can have prizes shipped to them directly one at a time or together. Clean fun entertainment at your fingertips!

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Find live music, tip artists, request songs and more! Tip Bucket gives you access to performances, songs, merchandise and more. With Tip Bucket you can tip your artist directly from the app…no more searching for cash to put in the bucket! Tip Bucket allows you to request songs while at the gig, follow your favorite artist, and search for live music in your area. You can track your favorite performers, discover new artists, bands, and original music. Make sure you never miss a show!

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